Sponsoring IAA

By sponsoring IAA, you’re helping build and strengthen a phenomenal industry. Alberta is home to the world-renowned BioWare studio, as well as a huge number of smaller studios that are each carving their own niche and helping to make Alberta a place known for developing incredible interactive experiences.

With Alberta’s historical reliance on a handful of major industries, it’s never been more pressing to ensure our province is fit to weather any storm — and there’s no better way forward than to diversify our economy. No industry is an island in Alberta. The province’s strength relies on everyone’s prosperity.

Alberta is currently home to 56 full-time studios employing 644 people. But its sustainability and growth depends on its ability to perform as a liveable home for video game development. There’s only so much any individual can do alone — even at the studio level. It takes a tenacious, well-funded professional association to develop and advocate for an industry-wide approach to long-term success.

That’s where our sponsors come in. We can only do so much without your ongoing support — and we make it easy. There are sponsorship tiers attractive to all levels of corporate sponsorship, and we’ve got plenty of opportunities for valuable recognition and participation. A full downloadable sponsorship package will be available very soon. In the meantime, please contact us if you’d like your group to support our work and we’ll explain everything that’s available.