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Help Make Interactive Arts Alberta Even Stronger!

By becoming a member of Interactive Arts AlbI love Alberta games!erta, you’re helping the industry thrive. Membership is open to all. Whether you’re a professional, studio owner, freelancer, educator, hobbyist, or student, as long as you have interest in the development of Albertan-made video games, you’re in.

Membership is also free for the time being. Sign up now to get access to event discounts, marketing and showcasing opportunities, industry networking — and to be a part of the most exciting interdisciplinary industry in Alberta!

Membership Benefits of Interactive Arts Alberta

When you join Interactive Arts Alberta, you become a part of a diverse community working to advance, serve, advocate for, and develop the video game industry in Alberta.

As a member-focused organization seeking to be the professional association for video game developers in Alberta, our priority is always squarely on helping developers succeed. Right now, you gain access and contribute to:

  • A sense of community. We nurture the Alberta game development community under one welcoming, friendly, tent
  • A stronger industry with a strong professional association
  • Education and networking opportunities
  • Marketing and showcasing opportunities
  • A central source for news and opportunities about the Alberta game development industry
  • Industry-relevant event discounts
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As a non-profit society, we need our members. Becoming a member means you help with all of the following:

  • A measure of success. As a professional association, we succeed when the industry grows and trusts us to represent it
  • A pool of volunteers. Events don’t run themselves, and services don’t happen for free. Engaged volunteers means a better association
  • Feedback. We want to serve the industry according to its needs — and more members means we get a better idea of what that is
  • Greater legitimacy. The more members we have, the more credible we become
  • Better lobbying. We’re already hard at work advocating for the industry. Again, the higher our number, the better this will go

Even just by being a member, you help make a difference.

Can Non-Members Attend Events?

Yes! Many events will continue to be offered completely free to all, and membership status won’t affect this. Discounts on paid events, however, will generally only be available to members.

What’s Voting Membership?

All members are General Members. The only difference that a Voting Membership makes is it allows you to vote on society business when appropriate, such as at Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings.

Those who indicate they’d like to become Voting Members on their application become General Members immediately, but must wait until an appropriate society meeting in order to have their Voting Membership application approved.

General Members enjoy every benefit and privilege that Voting Members do, save the power to vote. We recommend that only those with a genuine interest in the governance of the society apply for Voting Membership, and that they be aware of the requirements and obligations of Voting Membership. This information is available in our bylaws, which you can request from our secretary.