Join the IDMTC Letter-Writing Campaign!

Help The Albertan Game Development Industry Be Heard

Late last year, the Government of Alberta announced it was ending the Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit.

You can read more about that here, but if you’re ready to take action to help the game development industry’s voice heard? Here’s the step-by-step guide to joining our letter-writing campaign and taking this cause directly to your representatives in government.

1: Find the letter template below!

Get the letter template prepared by Interactive Arts Alberta based on industry and community feedback. This can either be what you send in — or just a starting point. Edit it here or in your word processor of choice.

2: Find your MLA's contact information

You'll want to know who you're sending it to. Use this link, put in your address, then click on the name of your MLA for all their contact information.

3: Make your changes

At minimum, replace the placeholder text for your own name and contact information and the name of your MLA. Consider adding your own thoughts as your like – a more personalized letter will have a better chance of connection.

4: Mail or email your letter to your MLA

Whether you're sending it physically or via email, don't forget the most important stage: send it!


Remember, add your name, your contact information, and your MLA’s name.


What to do next?

Share the campaign!

Click the buttons to post a link to Facebook, tweet about the letter, or email someone directly.

If you know someone who cares about this issue spread the word! The more people who contact their representatives, the more it shows this is an important issue that people care about.

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