What is GDX?

The Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX) is an annual event that promotes the culture of making and playing games as drivers for economic growth and diversification in Alberta.

Come see the latest in video games, board games, virtual reality, serious games, and esports being produced right here in Alberta. GDX is the largest event in western Canada that brings the best game related products from across the province to a single venue to promote the craft, innovation, and achievements of the Alberta games industry. Come learn about games, how to make them, how to sell them, how they entertain us, and their impact on Alberta’s tech and culture industries.

If you love games of all types and want to join a community of game development professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts then the Game Discovery Exhibition is your stomping ground.

How to Attend

GDX 2022 will be at K-Days! Game developers and fans of games and games culture are welcome to attend by purchasing tickets from the links below or through our social media.

If you are a K-12 student in Edmonton, check to see if your school was eligible for free tickets on July 22nd as well!

Are you a Game Dev?

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Are you a Player?

Interactive Arts Alberta is proud to partner with TGS Esports for our tournament section of the event. With over 2 000 sqft. dedicated solely to esports, make sure to stop by and try some of the biggest games and some made locally right here in Alberta.

Stay tuned for the Pepper.gg link for registration and you can be eligible to win prizes with early registration.

Exhibitors at GDX 2022

For over ten years, Beamdog’s main focus has been engineering excellence to delight their fans. They craft compelling game experiences, wherever you choose to play–whether that’s on desktop, mobile, or beyond.

Featured Game: MythForce

Inspired by beloved 80s cartoons like He-Man & Thundercats, MythForce unites swords & sorcery with gripping 1st-person combat in a rogue-lite adventure fit for Saturday mornings. Brave the dungeon alone or join forces with friends to take on an ever-changing Castle of Evil!


Dead Unicorn is currently a one-man studio run by Jesse Eisenbart.

Featured Game: Return

Return is a 2d side-scroller that tells the story of a traveler who finds themselves stranded on their unfamiliar home planet. As the planet collapsed, the traveler left home 200 years ago, seeking refuge on the new colonies. To their dismay, they awake to find the autopilot on the ship returned home for repairs after encountering an error. Stranded in a home they no longer recognize, the traveler searches tirelessly for parts to repair their ship.

The game was originally released as an entry into Alberta Game Jam 2020, after surpassing 1500 downloads and 8300 views, it was determined the game deserved a full release. The development team consists of a a single self-taught, first-time commercial developer.


We are not a game designer per se, but a non-profit initiative funded by the Edmonton Community Foundation. We have developed an historical boardgame titled “Exploring Wahkohtowin” which is meant to be played by 2-4 players in a collaborative manner. It has been developed by Roberta Taylor with input from the Indigenous Wisdom & Knowledge Centre. 

Featured Game: Exploring Wahkohtowin

In the spirit of building awareness and educating youth on Alberta’s history, Exploring Wahkohtowin (Cree for “Community”) is a board game intended to share and explain the signing of Treaty 6 and the factors that shaped it from an Indigenous perspective. It touches on the history of Colonization from the 1763 Royal Proclamation to the passing of the Indian Act in 1876. It is a cooperative, rather than competitive game, aimed at young learners. Players succeed not by obtaining territory or financial wealth but by maintaining their culture through ceremonies, medicines and other important factors.


A small Edmonton based indie studio focused on couch coop/multiplayer games.

Featured Game: Super Beersbee

The famous backyard drinking game Beersbee can now be enjoyed from the comforts of your own home. A SNES inspired drinking sports game like never before seen! Up to 4 player local Multiplayer!


Edmonton-based video game company dedicated to archaic platforms and programming languages.

Featured Game: Herder of Sheep

Lighthearted puzzle game where you take on the role of a loyal collie, herding idiotic sheep through a variety of hazards (water, sand, spike traps & rolling crushers – you know, the usual stuff). In each level you are tasked with herding a certain number of sheep to the safety of their pen. Be careful: Sheep have no sense of self preservation and they’ll frequently kill themselves.


We are an interactive streaming service offering faith and values based programming for families globally. Our service is available over web, mobile and smart TVs. Approximately 50% of our library is original productions. We actively produce 2D and 3D animation, live action and interactive content.

Featured Game: Time Hoppers: The Silk Road

Time Hoppers: The Silk Road is an interactive role-playing game (RPG) for children 6 – 9 years. The game uses procedural storytelling and action-adventure quests along the historic Silk Road to take children in a non- linear ever-evolving narrative through history.

Time Hoppers follows a group of friends from The Agli Academy for Gifted Children. The children and scientists at Aqli Academy discover time travel and are plunged into the world of the evil alchemist Dr. Fasid. Unable to compete with his fellow scientists, Dr. Fasid is expelled from the House of Wisdom. His jealousy drives him to steal the inspiration and inventions of scientists through time.

The game takes place from the 7th to the 15th century in a world where the cultures of Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa come together to lay the foundations of modern science and medicine.


Polar Tabby creates short, cute games that tell accessible, humorous stories good for all ages.

Featured Game: Catlandia

Catlandia is a series of RPG games involving cats! Succeed in turn-based battles, explore hand-crafted worlds, and make friends with other cats. Sometimes, even with dogs!

  • Customize your cat with a variety of cute outfits
  • Discover the secrets of the Cat Kingdom
  • Defeat treacherous dogs!
  • Be snarky!
  • Take naps!

Live out your best cat dreams TODAY


We are a small Edmonton based studio that was founded in 2015 and incorporated in 2016. We released our debut game, Steak Stack, to the Google Play Store in 2017. Since then, we have been working on a chaotic hockey game called PowerPlay.

Featured Game: PowerPlay

PowerPlay is a 3 v 3 arcade style hockey game with power-ups, captain abilities, customizable teams, and environmental effects.


Solo developer looking to slowly build and expand by making unique and interesting games.

Featured Game: Parasitism

Parasitism is an immersive psychological first person horror game centered around an atmospheric sci-fi setting. In which you make your way through a research vessel to piece together the story and find out what happened to the rest of the crew.


Red Iron Labs is a small indie gaming studio hustling in Alberta to make technology accessible to all. We view technology as an extension of our community centered activism where we have the opportunity to create welcoming, inclusive, accessible spaces for all through our games, projects and VR simulations. Gaming is in our DNA and we have leveraged our skillset to apply the game theory to educating and creating meaningful experiences. We believe if you can dream it we can build it…
Featured Game: Muffin Fight VR
In this arena-style, high action multiplayer game developed for Virtual Reality, players can challenge their friends or strangers to a food fight. With an abundance of ingredients at the center of the ring, players must vacuum ingredients to their station to prep and bake muffins. Successfully baked muffins can be used as ammo to launch at your opponents to gain points. The player with the most points wins the match.


We are Room 322 Games, an up and coming studio based in Edmonton Alberta. We are a group of NAIT graduates dedicated to making games we would want to play! Fueled by passion and dedication, we aspire to make games that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of background!

Featured Game: Soul Riders

Soul Riders is a game about fast paced multiplayer fun. Players take control of one of many ghost friends as they compete in a variety of vehicle based challenges. All of these challenges are played in the core game mode; Midnight Mischief. In this mode, players will be dropped onto an open map. From there players must seek out a vehicle that’s to their liking and upgrade it as much as possible before time runs out. Upgrades come in the form of stat candies. These candies are scattered all around the map alongside a multitude of power-ups. Once the time limit is reached, players then move onto playing a multitude of different challenges. These challenges will put players and their upgraded vehicles to the test in a variety of ways. Such as; a drag race, gliding challenges, a destruction derby and many more!


Schadenfreude ~ pleasure derived from another’s misfortune. That’s basically what video games are right? We undergo great pain for your pleasure; making honest, silly things to satisfy desires both wholesome and … otherwise. That’s us, Schadenfreude.

Featured Game: Little Hellions

Swap places at inconvenient moments and torment your friends for funsies in the four player fighting game where you can’t fight!

In the Underworld, the only way to light the darkness is by harnessing “torment energy” created from deadly pranks and mischief. But smashing your daily torment quota is easy when your best friends have got your back. With your besties in tow, some bump’n bops, and a wonderland of infernal torment devices to play with; it’s gonna be a mad romp of sin and slapstick gags!


Story City is a Canva-style, no-code platform that allows any creator to make interactive stories that only open when you are standing in the right location.

Featured Game: Story City

Why go for a boring walk when you could be a pirate? Or the apprentice of a hero? Or Survive A zombie apocalypse? At Story City you get to be the hero, you get to choose your adventure.

Each story only opens when you’re in the right location. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, a musical journey or scavenger hunt, all stories on Story City are made by creators who know their cities best. Each story starts at a particular location in the city it’s set and can either follow one path or branch off into dozens of different locations around the city (and which ones you visit will depend on the path you pick through the adventure).

Are you a creator? Story City allows anyone to become a creator of interactive stories that overlay the real world. Become a creator at storycity.app


Small independent studio based in Calgary, working on PC/console games.

Featured Game: Neon Noodles

Set in a dark and mysterious cyberpunk world, you are in charge of the futuristic food factory known as Neon Noodles. Inspired by the open-ended machine-building puzzle games of Zachtronics such as Opus Magnum and Infinifactory, you design and build your own fully automated kitchen to prepare meals using robot chefs.


vrCAVE is a cutting-edge Virtual Reality platform sold to businesses predominantly in the entertainment industry. vrCAVE also has a unique, proprietary library of networked social VR games designed to be played collaboratively with groups of friends as opposed to the non-social, solo experiences offered by the home market. They have 6 different escape room games which are licensed to over 100 locations around the world.

Featured Game: Various

You and your team are on a mission to save the world and save yourselves.


Zugalu Entertainment (Zugalu) has developed video games since its inception in 2014. They merge genres with commercial science and craft experiences that harken back to the golden days of gaming. The studio strives to make each game highly enjoyable, innovative, and as immersive as possible to create a robust entertainment experience. Their first AA project is Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown (HLtC).

Life is hard enough. Let’s all have fun along the way!

Featured Game: Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown

As you descend into Benevolence or Tyranny, you will explore, expand, and influence an unknown land. Engage in real-time combat, Whether solo or joined by your friends, your fate is shaped by your will…


GDX 2022: Fan Favourite Award (Sponsored by ESIO)

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the awesome games from the studios above, make sure to vote for your favourite game via the GDX 2022 Fan Favourite Award (sponsored by the Edmonton Screen Industries Office).

Voting will happen on-site in the Interactive Arts Alberta lounge.

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