Who We Are

Interactive Arts Alberta is focused on ensuring that Alberta is the best place in Canada to make, play, and celebrate games.

Interactive Arts Alberta is a non-profit founded in 2015 that supports game development and games culture in Alberta. This includes the talented Albertan creators who make video games, board games, XR experiences and support a diverse, robust, sustainable industry – provide-wide. IAA supports game creators at all levels, from AAA, indies, educators, and even students. If you want to see game and technology development in Alberta grow, Interactive Arts Alberta wants to help you.


Community is at the heart of who we are. Whether you make games, play games, stream games, or are involved in the ecosystem at all, this is a welcoming space for all of us.

We work with organizations of all types to ensure that the needs of our community are met, and strive to build solidarity, kindness and empathy throughout the sector.


Partnerships are key; they are paramount to a healthy community — if you need help, we want to talk!

We embrace our role as a partner in helping the groups within the diverse games sector ecosystem grow.


We believe in education! Building games and using new technology can be tough. The multidisciplinary process that benefits from ongoing learning is one that we work with institutions to directly advocate for support. We provide workshops and other educational and networking events aimed at helping developers grow their skills and their businesses.

Who did the amazing art on your website?

GDX 2022’s design was done with the incredible talent of Serena Tang, visit her website here. Serena also did the stunning spot illustrations that can be found on the IAA website.

Interactive Arts Alberta has embraced the northern lights look that inspired previous GDX branding and worked with Lisa Wylie-King for her incredible watercolours series to be featured on our site as well as some of our in-person collateral. See more of her art here.

At Interactive Arts Alberta, we are incredibly lucky to work with local artists and especially local artists from marginalized groups. We strive to represent the wide variety of talent across the province and represent Alberta through their works.

Our Board of Directors

Derek Kwan

Nick Diaz



Derek Kwan is the founder and President of Interactive Arts Alberta. With a background in education, technology management, business, organizational culture, and leadership development, Derek recently rejoined the board to help accelerate the growth of the games industry in Alberta.

In addition to his forays within the IDM sector, Derek brings substantial public sector experience to the team. As a former employee of the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, and NorQuest College, Derek is laser-focused on ensuring that the games industry in Alberta is sustainable and robust.

Derek has been involved in Alberta’s first Interactive Digital Media tax credit, Edmonton Arts Council’s 10-year arts and heritage plan, the University of Alberta’s Certificate in Computer Game Development program, the Game Discovery Exhibition, and two indie studios. Derek has also spoken at GDC and Game Devs of Colour on organizational culture within game studios.

Nick Diaz is a “retired” average Smash Bros competitor and one of the original founding board members of Interactive Arts Alberta. Nick has rejoined the board and brings his ten years of event management experience and seven years of esports event management with him. With his day job, Nick works in the public sector and manages endowment funds and advises charitable giving at the Edmonton Community Foundation. If you miss his streams, most days you can find Nick bouldering or enjoying the city of Edmonton.