Who We Are

We represent Albertan creators who make video games, board games, XR experiences and support a diverse, robust, sustainable industry — province-wide.

Interactive Arts Alberta is a non-profit society ran by a board of directors elected. Membership is open to anyone with interest in the industry.

This means AAA, it means indies, it means educators, it means hobbyists, and it means students. If you want to see game and technology development in Alberta grow, we want to help you.


Interactive Arts Alberta is focused on ensuring that Alberta is the best place in Canada to make games. We work with organizations of all types to ensure that the needs of our community are met.


We believe in education! Building games and using new technology can be tough. The multidisciplinary process that benefits from ongoing learning is one that we work with institutions to directly advocate for support. We provide workshops and other educational and networking events aimed at helping developers grow their skills and their businesses.


There are so many development-related initiatives happening in Alberta. We embrace our role as a partner and sponsor in helping these diverse groups grow. We understand this to be paramount to a healthy community — if you need help, we want to talk!