Game Discovery Exhibition Returns with K-Days Partnership

Artwork by Serena Tang

29 June 2022 – EDMONTON

For those who remember the Game Discovery Exhibition (GDX) in 2015 and 2016, K-Days is playing host to these familiar sights and sounds in 2022. Explore Edmonton has partnered with Interactive Arts Alberta to reignite and refresh GDX, an event that lets local audiences discover new gaming experiences—from video games to board games. New to this year’s GDX is an opportunity for new and experienced players to compete in esports competitions!

“The last couple of years have made it tough for audiences to experience the latest and greatest in innovation from our local game developers,” says Derek Kwan, president and founder of Interactive Arts Alberta and GDX. “We are excited to show the public the incredible talent of our local and regional game developers, as they get ready to launch new games!”

GDX will run for the first weekend of K-Days, opening to the public at noon on July 22 and running until closing on July 24.

Explore Edmonton CEO Traci Bednard has been a vocal advocate for bringing new and exciting opportunities to K-Days: “It’s our pleasure to bring an expanded games and esports presence to K-Days through GDX; not only can we show off the homegrown talent at the Maker Faire to our attendees, but we also get to support the local interactive digital media sector.” Explore Edmonton’s support has been instrumental in revitalizing homegrown events like GDX, which are not only exciting gaming experiences for attendees, but also provide valuable marketing opportunities for local developers.

With the global games industry growing at an incredible rate, Newzoo notes that in 2021 the global games market will generate revenues of $175.8 billion. Part of that economic impact comes directly to and from Edmonton, with well-known studios such as BioWare leading the charge. In recent years, Edmonton has seen growth not only from large-scale studios, but also in small and medium sized enterprises. A stronger games industry ecosystem is crucial for economic diversification, and the growth of Edmonton’s diverse tech sector.

In short, GDX is one of the largest indie-games focused events in Western Canada. GDX has something to offer for every kind of gamer within the 61% of Canadians who play games (Entertainment Software Association of Canada). This celebration of games culture and game development will have something that all gamers can enjoy.

The esports portion of GDX will be operated by TGS Esports, a Canadian company that has been supporting tournaments across Alberta since the beginning of the pandemic. TGS Esports is an experienced tournament operator, having most recently hosted tournaments at Calgary Expo and the Alberta Esports Association’s Capsule series. Esports fans and competitors alike will be fully immersed throughout the weekend in several competitive events. Registration for competitions will open shortly and competitors will have a chance to play against some of the best talent Alberta has to offer.

On the development side, the current exhibitor line-up includes: Beamdog, Dead Unicorn, Edmonton Shift Lab, Good Agreement Games, Greater Evil Games, Muslim Kids TV, Polar Tabby Interactive, PolyHobby Studios, RaVeN Madd Studio, Room 322 Games, Schadenfreude Studios, Story City Inc, Vivid Helix, vrCAVE, and Zugalu Entertainment. While they will not be onsite this year, GDX will have support and prizes from BioWare and New World Interactive, showing their dedication to supporting and growing the Alberta games ecosystem.

Whether you are a fan of single player narrative games, action packed battle royales, or even a wholesome cozy game, GDX is here to showcase local talent once again in order to inspire the next generation of game developers to join a thriving industry!

Screenshot of Beamdog’s first original IP that is in Early Access now, MythForce.

Editor’s Note: screenshots and press packages are available for the majority of games being featured at the event, while these two are represented in this release there are many talented folks across this province that can be showcased.

About Interactive Arts Alberta

Interactive Arts Alberta is a non-profit founded in 2015 that supports game development and games culture in Alberta. This includes the talented Albertan creators who make video games, board games, XR experiences and support a diverse, robust, sustainable industry — province-wide. IAA supports game creators at all levels, from AAA, indies, educators, and even students. If you want to see game and technology development in Alberta grow, Interactive Arts Alberta wants to help you.

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