IAA Board 2019/20

Earlier this year, IAA held elections to populate its board.

Following the election, the Executive Committee received a complaint that the election was improperly ran. Upon reviewing the bylaws, IAA judged that as no maximum term limits are specified by the bylaws, those directors who had not voluntarily stepped down must therefore remain board members.

As such, an election that included them, in the case that there were more candidates than available positions, could not clearly answer the question of who the new directors would be.

In this case, new and old, there were 13 candidates for 12 positions, with each of the 7 returning board members retaining their seat by default. This left the status of the new candidates unclear.

The board investigated numerous solutions, but during this process, one of the returning members had to step down for unrelated reasons.

As this vacancy created enough space for each of the new candidates, the board used its own power of appointment to formally add them to the board.

The board also made a subsequent decision to name Ted Erickson Chair and Jeff Cho Vice Chair. The make-up of the IAA board for 2019/20 is:

Ted Erickson – Chair

Jeff Cho – Vice Chair

Ryan Bromsgrove – Secretary

Dave Chan

Tyler Copeland

Tom Gooding

Kyle Gooding

Misia Bloniarz

Ally Cikor

Craig Pfau

James Karg

Atharv Vohra

The issue of there being no limits for board member terms has been addressed. The board struck a committee to draft changes to the bylaws. These changes have been written, reviewed, and will be recommended to the membership ahead of the next IAA AGM for final approval by the members.

If you are a member and would like to see these changes early, or have any other questions about this process, you may contact secretary@interactiveartsalberta.org.

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